Searching and visualising data from InterPro


Searching InterPro

You can search InterPro using:

  • sequence search, which uses the InterProScan analysis tool to predict the family and domain information for an amino acid sequence;
  • text search, using InterPro entry names and identifiers, UniProt accessions, GO terms, PDB identifiers, or free text, to find information in InterPro relating to your query.

Figure 2 highlights the location of the different search entry points on the InterPro web interface.

Figure 2 Different ways to search InterPro using the web interface

Visualising InterPro data

InterPro matches to proteins are displayed graphically (illustrated in Figure 3). The coloured bars indicate the location of signature matches on the protein sequences. Each matching InterPro entry is displayed on a separate line. Bars of the same colour indicate relationships between the entries. 

The protein family membership section (see figure) provides information about the family to which the protein is predicted to belong. The domain and repeats section summarises the predicted composition of the protein. All signatures -and the InterPro entries where they are integrated- are displayed in the detailed signature matches. Visualisation of the signatures matches can be filtered by type (family, domain, repeat, site); status (integrated in InterPro or unintegrated); or color (based on domain relationship or member database).

You can access further information in an InterPro entry by clicking on the links, which will take you to the corresponding database entries.

Figure 3 The InterPro web interface showing protein match results