Searching with a protein identifier


Searching InterPro with a UniProtKB accession (e.g., O88551) or identifier (such as CLD1_MOUSE) returns a page similar to the sequence search results page, but containing extra information, drawn from UniProtKB. Family membership, domain, site and repeat information, and GO terms are displayed as normal, but at the top of the page an additional section is displayed (Figure 23). This contains information on the name of the protein in UniProtKB, its accession number and identifier, the species in which it is found, its length in amino acids, and whether it is a complete sequence or a fragment. Following the accession number link will take you to the UniProtKB entry for this protein.  Additional information can also be found in the left hand menu: 'Similar proteins' lists all UniProtKB proteins with the same domain architecure, and 'Structures' lists any structural information in UniProt for the protein accession searched (in each case, these links will only be active where such information is present in UniProtKB).

Protein page showing InterPro predictions for UniProtKB protein O88551

Figure 23. Protein page showing InterPro predictions for UniProtKB protein O88551.