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When you search InterPro with the FASTA sequence provided, you will get a graphical representation of results, similar to that shown in Figure 24.

InterPro sequence search results overview page

Figure 24. InterPro sequence search results overview page.

From the results in InterPro you can infer:

  • That the protein is predicted to contain an N-terminal signalling domain, which is part of a wider class of domains that also includes the zinc-binding domains of DD-peptidase.
  • That the protein is also predicted to contain a C-terminal Hint domain, which is involved in autoprocessing of the protein. The Hint domain itself can be broken down into two smaller subdomains.
  • That the protein queried is predicted to a member of the hedgehog protein family, and therefore involved in a range of biological processes, including development and cell-cell signalling. How? From the GO terms and description from entry IPR001657 (see Figure 25 below).


The InterPro entry page for IPR001657 (Hedgehog protein)

Figure 25. The InterPro entry page for IPR001657 (Hedgehog protein).