InterPro: A case study of 3 protein family building methodologies


This course provides an insight into the different protein family building methodologies employed by three InterPro member databases, namely SFLD (Structure Function Linkage Database), TIGRFAMs and PANTHER. It also describes an automated approach to comparing protein signatures and predicting hierarchical relationships between them.

Useful background information:

For a brief introduction to InterPro please see our InterPro Quick Tour, or for more information about the InterPro resource please see our InterPro Tutorial


If you are new to the field of protein biology then we recommend that you first take our course Protein classification: An introduction to EMBL-EBI resources. An undergraduate-level understanding of biology would be an advantage when taking these courses.

About this course

Learning objectives: 
  • Identify differences and similarities in methodologies of protein signature creation by SFLD, TIGRFAMs and PANTHER
  • Illustrate how protein signatures can be compared to predict relationships between them