Searching and visualising data in IntAct

IntAct data: inputs

Sources of the data in IntAct

Figure 1a. Sources of the data in IntAct. Data are submitted directly by individuals, submitted from high-throughput projects, or derived from the scientific literature. The submitted information is curated by professionals with a background in the molecular life sciences. Information in IntAct is cross-referenced to other data resources, both from within and from beyond EMBL-EBI. 

IntAct data: outputs

Different ways to access the data in IntAct

Figure 1b. Different ways to access the data in IntAct. You can browse the IntAct website, download your search results, or download the entire IntAct system and all its data. You can then add your own data to your local version of IntAct, and submit these data to IntAct so that others can access them. Finally, you can access all the information in IntAct, plus additional data, via the IMEx and PSICQIC websites.