Getting data from IntAct

Quick search

Simply type in the protein, gene or chemical name of your molecule of interest, or a UniProtKB or ChEBI accession number, to see a binary view of all of the known interaction partners of that molecule. Drill down to see the details of any one piece of interaction evidence. View selected interactions in a simple graphical interface or export to Cytoscape at the click of a button. Advanced search options are available for more complex queries.

Data download

The IntAct project co-develops and supports the PSI-MI standard (see information box) and provides both a web service and a simple URL-based interface that allow direct computational access to retrieve interaction networks in PSI-MI format. Additionally, all files can be accessed and downloaded from the FTP site for local installation.


InformationWhat is the PSI-MI format?

The PSI-MI format (Proteomics Standards Initiative Molecular Interaction format) is a community standard data model for representing and exchanging molecular interaction data. It has been jointly developed by members of the Proteomics Standards Initiative (PSI), a work group of the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO), and is supported by major protein interaction data providers.