Why do we need IntAct?

We need IntAct because:

  • Molecular interactions provide a valuable resource for the elucidation of cellular function, and protein interaction studies have been the focus of much recent biomolecular research.
  • Experiments vary from large-scale systems that generate sizeable datasets, for example Yeast two hybrid systems or Tandem affinity purification, to in-depth analysis of a single interaction in which the interacting domains, or even the individual amino acid residues, can be identified.
  • The IntAct database stores this detailed data in a systematic way and makes it available for search over the web and for local download.



Additional data, curated to the same level of detail, is available from our IMEx partners via the PSICQUIC service, along with many other data types, including predictive interactions, interologues and results of text-mining-based approaches for inferring molecular interactions.