What can/can't I do with IntAct?

What can I do with IntAct?

  •  Find the molecules that interact with your protein of interest.
  • Look more deeply into individual experiments to gain both a degree of confidence in the specific interaction and its functional consequence.
  • Graphically display small interaction networks.
  • Query across additional resources via PSICQUIC.
  • Rapidly transfer data into Cytoscape for further analysis.
  • Visualise minimal connecting networks for protein sets.
  • Download data in PSI-MI XML and tabular formats.


What can't I do with IntAct?

  • IntAct is not a network analysis tool. For in-depth analysis of your network you need to use other software tools, such as Cytoscape.
  • The graphical display capabilities of IntAct are limited. You will not be able to represent very large sets of results in IntAct.
  • IntAct represents only physical molecular interactions. Other interactions such as genetic interactions can be found in other resources such as BioGRID, but not in IntAct.