• IntAct is a molecular interactions database hosted at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI).
  • The data stored in IntAct (mostly, but not exclusively, protein–protein interactions) are mapped to UniProtKB accessions or any other suitable identifier for the molecule involved in the interaction (e.g., ChEBI accessions are used for small molecules). Controlled vocabularies are used to describe the interactions, and other resources, such as the Gene Ontology, are cross-referenced to enrich the information given for the interaction.
  • The interaction data comply with the IMEx consortium guidelines. The interactions are described using a consistent level of detail and in a format that can be easily merged with data from other members of the consortium.
  • The IntAct webpage is the main interface for accessing the IntAct database. Here you can:
    • Search for interactions using molecule identifiers, ontology terms, gene names and different synonyms.
    • Filter your results using featured information, such as the interaction detection method or the organism where the interaction takes place.
    • Visualise all the information stored for one or more interactions using customisable tables and detailed representations.
    • Download the data in a variety of formats, ranging from the standard PSI-MI XML and tabular formats to the Cytoscape-specific XGMML.
    • Represent your results as simple graphs of interaction networks.