How do I get data from IntAct?

Download data from IntAct

Once you have your results in the IntAct website, you can download them in a variety of formats (Figure 21).

The interaction tab

Figure 21. Interaction Tab. Drop-down menu [A] and the Download button [B]

[A]  The format can be chosen from the drop-down menu.

[B]  It can be downloaded by clicking the “Download” button.

You can now download the results in a format that can be read by Cytoscape, a popular open source bioinformatics software platform for visualising molecular interaction networks. This is important for the next step in the analysis.

For large datasets, only the tab-delimited format PSI-MI-TAB is available.

Download data from IntAct

You can get a complete copy of all the data in IntAct using the Downloads section (Figure 22).

The downloads section of IntAct

Figure 22. The downloads section of IntAct. [A] Access to the Downloads section on the side menu. [B] Download formats.

[A]  Go to the “Downloads” section using the side menu.

[B]  Among all the information found in this section, you can find the option to download the entirety of IntAct in PSI-MI format (an XML-based format complying with the PSI initiative guidelines) or in PSI-MI-TAB.

Next, we will explain how to graphically visualise the results.