How do I access and navigate IntAct?

The easiest way to access IntAct is through its website. In addition to allowing us to search and visualise the interaction data hosted in IntAct, the website contains tools that allow you to:

  • produce simple visual representations of the data,
  • use the cross-referenced ontologies,
  • perform refined complex searches,
  • obtain detailed documentation about the database and its services.

The IntAct homepage

Figure 7. The IntAct homepage.

The main features in the IntAct homepage are:

[A] The search bar allows both simple and complex queries for single or multiple molecules. You can use gene or protein names (e.g. Grx2) or UniProtKB accessions and IDs (e.g. P17695; lck_human) to perform the search.

[B] The tabs help you navigate through the different sections of the IntAct website and provide extra tools, specific information for developers, extensive documentation and contact information.

[C] If you want to give IntAct valuable feedback, or if you simply have a question about the service, use the feedback link.

We will show you detailed examples that explain how to search for data in IntAct and about its different services in following sections; but first we will explain how the data is stored in IntAct.