Introduction to IntAct - a Protein-Protein Interactions resource


This webinar from Birgit Meldal provides you with an introduction to protein-protein interactions and the molecular interaction database IntAct (recorded on 24th April 2018). IntAct is a central, public repository where molecular interactions data can be stored and accessed. 

This webinar will provide an overview of the resource, including an introduction to the data and the interaction analysis tools available. Methods for basic searching / data querying will also be highlighted and a full breakdown of the webinar is provided below:

  • Introduction to protein interactions and networks
  • Introduction to IntAct: how to search for, retrieve and utilise protein-protein interaction data
  • Advanced searches and complex queries in IntAct
  • Data Integration: PSICQUIC and IMEx resources
  • Introduction to the Complex Portal - a unifying protein complex resource

Part 1 provides an overview of protein interactions and networks.

Part 2 delves into the IntAct, PSICQUIC and Complex Portal databases.

NB: These videos works best using Google Chrome and when viewed in full screen.

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About this course

Birgit Meldal
Learning objectives: 
  • Comprehend what protein-protein interactions are and how they are represented
  • Search for molecular interaction on the IntAct website