Genome Properties: Tutorial


Predicting functions in genomes using protein signatures

Genome Properties is a resource that allows you to infer the presence of pathways and systems within a species, based on the occurence of a set of underlying molecular markers.

This course will teach you about the type of data contained in Genome Properties, different ways you can access it, and how you can use the resource to carry out comparisons with your own data.

An undergraduate degree in a life science subject, as well as an understanding of protein signature models would be useful. You can learn about protein signature models in this tutorial on Protein Classification. The Genome Properties resource uses InterPro data, you can learn more about InterPro in our Quick Tour or in our Tutorial.

About this course

Lorna Richardson
Learning objectives: 
  • Describe the data contained in Genome Properties
  • Demonstrate various ways to search the resource
  • Propose ways to use Genome Properties in your own research