ArrayExpress (3) is a database of functional genomics data. Its stores microarray and HTS data that are described and archived according to the community guidelines for microarray (MIAME) and HTS (MINSEQE).

The focus of the database is on individual experiments and it can be used to retrieve actual experiments as well as the information describing them. Very often, one experiment corresponds to one publication in a journal. In ArrayExpress, you can access the raw data files, sample annotations or assays relating to an experiment of interest.

You can use ArrayExpress to:

  • Search by keywords or experiment's properties (e.g. citation, transcriptomics platform, species or sample annotation) and identify experiments of interest;
  • Download data associated with experiment(s), alongside its annotation, for your own analysis;
  • Submit microarray or HTS data that you want to publish. 

Submitting to ArrayExpress

Data generated by microarray-based and HTS-based platforms can be submitted directly to ArrayExpress using our webform-based tool Annotare. Submitting data to ArrayExpress is often a pre-requisite of publishing a functional genomics experiment, and allows the scientific community to perform searches on the latest functional genomics data.

Apart from direct submission, ArrayExpress also contains data imported via our in-house pipeline from the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) - a public repository of functional genomics data at the NCBI - to expand the number of studies that are available in ArrayExpress.