Amy Tang

Functional Genomics Curation and Training Project Leader

Amy studied Human Genetics at the University of Nottingham for her bachelor degree.  She did her PhD at the Brockdorff's lab, then at MRC Clinical Sciences Centre / Imperial College London, working on the epigenetic control of X-chromosome inactivation in mouse early development. The project was split 50:50 into wet-lab and bioinformatics, this is when she first got interested in bioinformatics. After a short postdoc in the same lab, she returned to study at Imperial for a MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology, which helped her move laterally from wet-lab to bioinformatics.

Amy now leads the curation efforts for ArrayExpress and Expression Atlas databases in the Gene Expression Team, promoting reproducible research by maintaining curation quality, and also by driving the development of the user-friendly ArrayExpress data submission tool Annotare. To allow users make the most out of the databases and to educate researchers on best practices for reproducible research, she also manages all training activities for the Team, delivering most of the hands-on courses on functional genomics resources at EMBL-EBI and worldwide.  Through listening to Annotare submitters' needs and gathering feedback at training courses, she also acts as users' advocate and works with software developers to improve user experience of ArrayExpress and Expression Atlas websites.

Before joining EMBL-EBI, Amy was a senior bioinformatician in the Ensembl GeneBuild team, curating gene models for key model organisms such as mouse and rat.

Gabry Rustici

Training coordinator, Functional Genomics

Gabriella Rustici was previously the Research and Training Coordinator in the Functional Genomics Group at the European Bioinformatics Institute in Cambridge, UK. She earned her PhD in Genetics from Cambridge University in 2004, working on transcription profiling of the fission yeast cell cycle, and has since been involved in the analysis of functional genomics data.