Submitting data to the European Variation Archive


What are the minimum requirements for submission to the European Variation Archive?

EVA accepts submission of genetic variation data based on three criteria:

1. The genome assembly used is International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC) registered, or will be at point of submission

2. The variation data is described in valid VCF file(s) - this can be tested prior to submission using the EVA VCF Validation Suite

3. Submitted variants are associated with allele frequency values and/or genotypes and/or the raw materials to calculate allele frequency values internally (i.e. Allele Count AND Allele Number values)

What are the key stages of the EVA submission process?

1. Contact

Contact eva-helpdesk [at] to provide details of your submission. You will receive a custom private FTP location for you to upload files.

2. Prepare

Submissions to the EVA consist of VCF file(s), any associated data file(s), and metadata that describe sample(s), experiment(s), and analysis that produced the variant and/or genotype call(s). This metadata is described in an Excel template that can be found here. You can also find a mocked up version of this template that has been completed for a fictional study on our website.

VCF file(s) submitted to the EVA must be truly valid a 4.X version of the file format specification. Files can be validated prior to submission using our validation suite that is available on GitHub.

3. Submit

Upload your VCF file(s), associated data file(s) and EVA metadata template to your private EVA FTP location.

4. Receive

The EVA aims to process submissions within two business days. Accession numbers will be sent via email to the submitter upon successful archival of the deposited data.