European Nucleotide Archive: Using the primary nucleotide sequence resource


This course will show you how to search and retrieve nucleotide sequence data from the European Nucleotide Archive (ENA). The ENA provides sequence assembly details and biological annotation, and uses versioning to track sequence changes.

Basic understanding of nucleotide sequence data and concepts such as gene, exon and mRNA. Some bioinformatics knowledge would be useful, but is not essential.

About this course

Clara Amid
Learning objectives: 
  • Know what ENA is and where the data comes from
  • Know how to access and navigate the ENA Browser and the taxonomy portal
  • Be able to search ENA with text (such as a gene name) and a simple sequence
  • Know how to extract the information you require from an annotated entry
  • Know how to drill down to a specific region of a sequence and its associated annotation
  • Know how to access old versions of a sequence