What can I do with the ENA?

  • Permanently archive your sequence data and disseminate to the global research community.
  • Share your pre-publication data with collaborators in multi-centred sequencing studies.
  • Reduce your local hardware requirements for archiving next-generation sequence data.
  • Locate, retrieve and aggregate existing sequence data for analysis and meta-analysis using the EBI Toolbox and third party tools.
  • Report novel annotation relating to existing sequence as part of the Third Party Data policy.
  • Browse existing sequence and annotation referred to in the literature.
  • Find all sequence and annotation available for a gene of interest.
  • Use sequence similarity to search data (including unassembled raw data) and find out what is known about your new sequence.
  • Link through from nucleotide data to a host of integrated resources, such as genomes (Ensembl and Ensembl Genomes), the scientific literature (CiteXplore), protein products (UniProt) and protein families, motifs and domains (InterPro).