Searching and getting data from the ENA

Search and download data

The ENA data are available through several routes (outlined below). For more information, see the ENA search and browse page.

Search from the ENA homepage

Carry out searches using accession IDs for nucleotide sequences, text searches (against annotation fields, such as gene symbols and culture collection identifiers), and rapid comprehensive sequence similarity searches.

Web browser

All types of data held in the ENA are available from the browser in integrated views, which include annotated sequences, projects, coding sequences, taxa and experiments in the Sequence Read Archive. See more information about the ENA browser.

Parallel web services

Programmatic data access to these services is also provided.

FTP server

For large-scale data downloads, there are FTP and Aspera channels.

Search results

Figure 2 A selection of options for viewing and exploring ENA search results.