Searching for Grant Details

Grant Lookup Tool

Europe PMC enables you to find the articles associated with grants via the Grant Lookup Tool. This tool can be accessed from the main menu on the home page. You can search Europe PMC for grant data using any of the parameters shown in Figure 8 below (see [b]). A free-text search can also be made in text-box [a]. The section of the tool marked [c] gives users the option to include or exclude particular funders. 

Grant lookup tool

Figure 8  Grant Lookup tool, showing the various search fields and the list of funders.

Grant results

Grant search results will be presented in a table - with the option to download, export or email the data [a].

Grant results

 Figure 9  An example summary page from a grant search.

If you want to see more information on the results of your grant search, click the 'Project Title' in the results list (see Figure 9 [b]  above). An example of a grant details page is shown below (see Figure 10).

Grant details 

 Figure 10  An example grant details page.