Getting articles from Europe PubMed Central

The resources menu

Europe PMC enables you to access content in different ways. You can see the options available on the home page if you click on the 'Resources' menu [a].


Figure 13  The top-level menu, showing the 'Resources' drop-down.

The details below are an optional part of this course:

Programmatic access

Web Services allow you to gain programmatic access to data and analysis applications as if they were installed on your own computer. They provide an easy and flexible way to deal with repetitive tasks with minimal intervention from the user. They also allow programmers to build complex applications without having to install and maintain the databases and analysis tools and without having to take on the financial overheads that accompany these. Moreover, Web Services provide easier integration and interoperability between bioinformatics applications and the data they require. A full list of Web Services is available from the 'Resources' tab from any Europe PubMed Central web page [a], [b].

Web Services available for Europe PMC: one SOAP for articles and two RESTful (one for articles, and one for grants [b]). Full documentation and examples are provided, and users can access metadata and full text content (NB while full text articles can be searched, only the full text of the open access subset can be retrieved in full).

Users can also access Europe PMC programmatically using the Europe PMC OAI service, which provides access to metadata of all items in the Europe PMC archive, as well as to the full text of a large subset of these items. Europe PMC-OAI is an implementation of the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH), a standard for retrieving metadata from digital document repositories. 

External Links Service

The Europe PMC External Links Service enables third party providers to publish links from articles in Europe PMC to related information or tools. For example, it could be used to link databases, datasets, full text articles, or community commentary. 

ORCID Article Claiming

A tool is available to allow users with an ORCID to claim their articles from the Europe PMC database, and then add them to their ORCID record.

FTP Site

The FTP site directory contains Open Access Europe PMC articles. They are presented as a set of full text PMC XML and are currently updated every week.

RSS feeds

Europe PMC users can subscribe to RSS feeds (see Figure 14 [a] below). It is also possible to customise an RSS feed according to the required search criteria (see the next page for details). 

RSS Feeds

Figure 14  Some examples of the available RSS feeds.

Searching and RSS feeds

You can also setup an RSS feed for a search topic of interest.

RSS feed and search

Figure 15 Search results for 'malaria', showing a green RSS feed icon [a]. Note that the RSS feed setup depends on the browser used.