What is the Enzyme Portal?

The Enzyme Portal is a free resource that integrates publicly available information about enzymes, such as small-molecule chemistry, biochemical pathways and drug compounds. It provides a concise summary of information from:

  • UniProt Knowledgebase
  • Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe)
  • MACiE for highly detailed, curated information about reaction mechanisms
  • Rhea, a database of enzyme-catalysed reactions
  • Reactome, a database of biochemical pathways
  • IntEnz, a resource with enzyme nomenclature information
  • ChEBI and ChEMBL, which contain information about small molecule chemistry and bioactivity
  • EFO, the Experimental Factor Ontology, a system for annotation of experiments from which the Enzyme Portal retrieves disease related information.

The Enzyme Portal collates diverse information about enzymes and displays it in an organised overview. It covers many species, including mammals, invertebrates  and plants, and provides a simple way to compare orthologues.