How we did it



  1. Start at the Ensembl homepage. Choose 'Mouse' as the species from the drop down menu, and search for 'Cat'.
  2. Click through to the location tab. 
  3. From the 'Region in detail' view you can see there are two Cat transcripts, and both are protein coding (Figure 57).


 Figure 57. The region in detail view, showing two protein coding transcripts in the Cat locus.


  1. To turn on markers and probeset tracks, click 'Configure this page' at the left. Turn on 'Marker' and the probeset 'Illumina Mouse WG 6 V1'. 
  2. Close the menu.

If you can't find the tracks you want in the Configure this page window, try using the search box.

You should now see the new tracks on Region in detail (Figure 58).

Figure 58.  A marker and probe are found in the 3' exon of the Cat-201 transcript.

Both the Marker track and the Illumina track show data at the end of the Cat transcripts. Remember, transcripts under the blue bar (contig track) are on the reverse strand of the genome, so the very left of the Cat transcripts is the 3' end, in this case.

You can zoom into the tracks further using your mouse to draw a box around the region of interest.

To find out more information about the Marker or probe, click on it. The marker name is L25069. The probe name is ILMN_1254174.