Ensembl: Genomic features that regulate genes


This webinar was held on the 6th July 2016 and takes you through the Ensembl regulatory build, which is used to predict the location of promoters, enhancers and other regulatory features in the human and mouse genomes, using experimental data from sources such as ENCODE, Roadmap epigenomics and Blueprint epigenome. The video also shows you how to view these data in the Ensembl browser, and describes the experimental proceedures used to generate epigenomic data.

This video is aimed at new and experienced Ensembl users who would like to get an idea of regulatory data in Ensembl. Some knowledge of epigenomics, ChIP-seq and other techniques involved in studying epigenomics is useful but not necessary.

This video is best viewed in Google Chrome and in full screen mode.

About this course

Emily Perry