Ensembl: Filmed API workshop


Ensembl runs API workshops worldwide, and for the first time we make one available online. Here you will find a collection of video lectures from the 'Ensembl API workshop' that took place at EMBL-EBI 22nd-24th May 2013, using Ensembl version 71. The exercises associated with the workshop are included to carry out at your leisure.

Note: the videos in this course will only run on Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.


A basic understanding of genomics and molecular biology. Programming in Perl.

About this course

Emily Perry
Learning objectives: 
  • Understand how data is organised in the Ensembl database
  • Understand how Ensembl assigns objects and methods
  • Know how to search the API Doxygen documentation
  • Be able to write Perl scripts that query the Ensembl database for various different kinds of data