When to use Ensembl


You can use Ensembl if you:

  • have a gene of interest, and you would like to know if there are homologues in other species, or any sequence variations in the gene;
  • would like to know what the sequence is for your gene of interest, and what the sequences of the splice variants (transcripts) are;
  • want to explore the region around a gene of interest, and find neighbouring genes;
  • want to find sequences that may be involved in gene regulation (open chromatin signatures, transcription factor binding sites, etc.);
  • are interested in how conserved a gene or region is across species;
  • want to know a selection of sequence variants that have been associated with a disease, for example, diabetes;
  • have questions about a gene, variant, or chromosomal region;


Ensembl cannot help you if:

  • want to submit sequence files (see the course on ENA);
  • you are looking for metabolic pathways  (learn more about Reactome);