Protein domains and features

The domains of the protein product of the transcript can be viewed graphically (Figure 20) or in a table (Figure 21). The domains were determined by running InterProScan on the sequences, which uses multiple protein domain prediction algorithms. This means you may see multiple predictions of the same domain, with slightly different boundaries.
Figure 20.  Protein domains plotted against the exon structure.
Click on 'Protein summary' in the left-hand menu to see a graphical display of the protein domains (Figure 20). The exon structure is shown as alternating shade of purple at the top, while the variants are shown below the domains.
Figure 21. A table of protein domains
Click on 'Domains and features' to see a table of the same data (Figure 21). Click on the links in the table to go to the domains in Interpro or view a karyotype highlighting the locations of all transcripts with the domain.