More location information


More information is available in the location tab (Figure 27).

Figure 27. 'Region in detail' is highlighted in the left hand menu to indicate which location view we are using. More displays are available through the links at the left.

Some popular views are explained below:

  • Whole genome. A view of the karyotype for the species, if one is available. You can upload your data on this view.
  • Chromosome summary. Zoom in on one chromosome with the chromosome summary link.
  • Region overview. The 'Region overview' view displays a region of 1 Mb or larger in a customisable view. View splice variants, syntenic blocks, markers, sequence variations, cDNA alignments, CpG islands, and much more along the genome. You can upload your data on this view.
  • Comparative genomics. These comparative genomics displays provide visualisation of whole genome alignments, text-based views of sequence alignments, and graphics-based views of whole chromosome alignments and synteny across species.
  • Genetic variation. Compare sequence across different individuals, strains, or breeds in the 'Resequencing view'. Or, visualise linkage disequilibrium in 'Linkage data'.
  • Other genome browsers. Ensembl provides links out to the UCSC Genome Browser, NCBI Map Viewer and (in human) to our own GRCh37 site. We strive to use the most recent assembly, and jumping between the browsers should show the same region with the same coordinates, provided that updates are synchronised among the different browsers. There may be a short lag time where some browsers are on the old assembly, however usually there is no problem with directly comparing genomic coordinates.