Manage your data

Figure 39. Button to add or manage your own data.
Ensembl allows users to upload or attach data in a variety of formats: BAM, BED, BedGraph, BigWig, GBrowse, GFF, GTF, PSL, VCF and WIG.

The 'Custom tracks' button (Figure 39) is available for most tabs. This opens a menu to attach data (Figures 40 and 41).

Figure 40: Data can be attached or uploaded using the options at the left of the Custom Data window.

The results of the attachment of a BAM file

Figure 41: Results of the attachment of a BAM file. Individual reads (grey) and the consensus sequence (coloured) are shown. Positions that differ from the reference genome are shown in red.


Upload data. You can upload your own data on the gene summary page, or the karyotype or a region on location pages. Various file formats are accepted. More information can be found on this help page.