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Find the Ensembl genome browser at www.ensembl.org
Figure 3. The Ensembl homepage.

The menu bar. The menu bar at the top provides links to the homepage, to tools, to help and documentation and a search box. It is visible on every Ensembl page.

Searching Ensembl.  Look for a gene, location, variant and more using the search box on the homepage or the box that is provided in the top right corner of any Ensembl page (Figure 3).

Browse a Genome. Choose your species of interest in this section. The drop down menu under 'All genomes' allows you to select from the full list.

What's New in Ensembl Release 89? To find out what release you are working with, have a look at the news section of the homepage, at the top right of the page. Below this you'll see links to social media, including blog posts and Twitter. Archive sites allow access to previous versions, or releases, of Ensembl.