Export data

Figure 42.  The Export data button.

The gene, transcript and location tabs allow you to download (export) sequences. Use the Export data button (Figure 42) at the left of Ensembl views.



Figure 43: Options for sequence export.

Export data. The 'Export data' button on the gene, location and transcript tabs opens a view that allows you to export sequence as FASTA, allowing options for the sequence such as cDNA, coding sequence, and genomic sequence (Figure 43).


If you export protein from the gene tab, you will get all isoforms. If you export protein from the transcript tab, the information will be for one transcript (isoform) only.

The Export data button from genomic alignments pages (such as Gene tab, Genomic alignments view and the Orthologues view) will export sequence alignments viewed in the browser. Formats include CLUSTAL, FASTA, Mega, MSF, Nexus and more. You can click on the Export data button when viewing alignments to export those alignments.