Customise Ensembl

On each of the tab pages you will find options that will enable you to configure the data presented on the screen, manage your own data, and export sequence and alignments (Figure 37). Here we discuss configuring a page. We'll investigate the other options in following pages.

Figure 37. Buttons to configure the page, add or manage custom tracks, export data and share or bookmark the page.

Configure this page

Available for all tabs (location, gene, transcript, variant and regulation). The configuration panel enables you to control data types displayed in the view (Figure 38).


Figure 38. The configure menu for the gene summary view.

The configuration panel on the gene summary view is shown above. Note, the selection on the gene summary view is a subset of what is available on region in detail

The data is divided into menus, highlighted in blue at the left of the image. Select data tracks from the menu, or use the 'Find a track' option in the upper right-hand corner. Close the menu (click on the tic in the upper right-hand corner) to visualise new tracks on your display.

NotesSee more in the module about adding data tracks. Check out or FAQ on track styles.