How to take this course

Live webinars every Thursday between 6th April - 18th May 2017

This course will consist of a series of 1 hour live webinars, held between 6th April and 18th May 2017. Each webinar will take place on Thurdays at 09:00 BST (GMT+1).

How do I sign up for the live webinars?

To attend the live webinars, you need to sign up to our webinar series here (or here if you're in China).

Once you have registered, you will get a weekly email reminder of when the webinars are taking place, and a link to the live session. We will use GoToTraining to run the webinars, which requires you to install a small piece of software, but this is free and you will receive instructions via email. We recommend that you install the software in advance of the first webinar as it may take a couple of minutes to set up. If you wish to view these webinars on a Linux machine you will be able to access a browser based version of the webinar (GoToTraining should automatically recognise that you are using a Linux based system).


The videos of the webinars will be posted in this course and are open to everyone. You do not need to be signed up in order to view them, however if you sign up you can get reminders when the new videos are available.

The programme will be:

Date Webinar topic Instructor
6th April Introduction to Ensembl Helen Sparrow
13th April Ensembl genes Emily Perry
20th April Data export with BioMart Victoria Newman
27th April Variation data in Ensembl and the Ensembl VEP Victoria Newman
4th May Comparing genes and genomes with Ensembl Compara Ben Moore
11th May Finding features that regulate genes – the Ensembl Regulatory Build Ben Moore
18th May Uploading your data to Ensembl and advanced ways to access Ensembl data Emily Perry

You will notice that the topic titles correspond to the pages of the course listed on the left. After each webinar, we will upload the recording to our YouTube channel and embed the video in the corresponding page, so if you cannot make a particular webinar, you can always catch up later.

Weekly exercises to test what you have learnt

After each webinar, we will post new pages in each section of this course with exercises (and their solutions), which will enable you to practice using what you have learnt. Each set of exercises should take you no more than an hour, and you can space them out and do them at your own pace over the week.

HelpGetting help with the exercises

We have set up a Facebook group where you can discuss these exercises. We will be monitoring the Facebook group to offer help, but you may also find it helpful to talk to your fellow course attendees. If you prefer not to use Facebook, you can always helpdesk [at] (email us)

 your questions.

Unfortunately, as we have no way of determining who has completed all parts of the course, we are unable to provide certificates.

Use the old course

The current version of the course was created March-May 2016. The new webinar course will include updates to the old course, however most of the old course is still valid. We will keep the old course up here until the new one starts.