Depositing data in EMPIAR


You can deposit your data in EMPIAR using the EMPIAR deposition system. This tool can be accessed from the EMPIAR homepage (Figure 7). 

Your data remains private until you tell us to release it.

Accessing the EMPIAR deposition tool

Figure 7 Accessing the EMPIAR deposition system.

When you deposit your data in EMPIAR you will need to fill in a form to capture metadata about the image/dataset. An example submission form is shown in Figure 8.

Uploading data and capturing metadata with the EMPIAR deposition tool

Figure 8 Uploading data and capturing metadata with the EMPIAR deposition tool.

The image data is uploaded using the Aspera plugin. This is a simple and secure way of making electron microscopy data and the associated metadata publicly available.

Help Other options for uploading your data include the Aspera command line and Globus. If neither of these are suitable for you, please empdephp [at] (contact us) and we can discuss the best way to submit your data to EMPIAR.