Open Targets, programmatically

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Open Targets is a partnership between academia and industry for systematic identification and prioritisation of new drug targets.

We’ve developed a unique resource for free access to integrated biological data to enable drug target discovery, the Open Targets Platform. Our Platform provides gene and disease associations and detailed information on both genes and human diseases.

In this webinar, Denise Carvalho-Silva:

  • Introduces the Open Targets Platform (0:46)
  • Gives an overview of modes of data access (10:15)
  • Shows you where you can find the Open Targets API documentation (13:57)
  • Provide examples of REST API calls (16:16)
  • Shows you how to query the REST server (22:15)

Documentation for the API can be found on the Open Targets website along with information about the Python client for the API.

For with the API or with Open Targets in general get in touch with the support [at] (help desk.)

The slides from this webinar can be downloaded here.