EVA, programmatically


The European Variation Archive (EVA) is an open-access database of all types of genetic variation data from all species.

Using EVA, you can download data or submit your own data to the archive. You can also query variants in the EVA by study, gene, chromosomal location or variant consequence using our variant browser.

You can learn more about the EVA in our general introduction webinar, or via our Quick Tour.

In this webinar we shall focus on programmatically accessing the variant data housed at EVA. The webinar will be split into the following sections:

As part of the demonstrations we have generated a mock Python script that allows users to access variant data at the EVA. This Python script is available here. You can also download the slides,  BED and VCF files used in the webinar.

We host documentation related to the EVA API, including our FAQs, at our website.

Finally, for feature requests, bug reports or general issues related to the EVA web-services please start a ticket at out GitHub web-services repo.