This webinar series was developed as a collaboration between multiple EMBL-EBI resources and the EMBL-EBI Training Team.

The working group for this project included a wide variety of people from many different backgrounds (in alphabetical order):

ChEMBL: Anna Gaulton, Michal Nowotka

Ensembl: Matthew Laird, Ben Moore, Emily Perry, Helen Sparrow

Europe PMC: Jyothi Katuri, Maria Levchenko

European Variation Archive: Pablo Arce Garcia, Gary Saunders

Open Targets: Denise Carvalho-Silva

PDBe: David Armstrong, John Berrisford, Matt Conroy

Protein Families: Rob Finn

Training team: Melissa Burke, Sarah Morgan

UniProt: Leyla Jael Garcia Castro, Andrew Nightingale, Klemens Pichler, Sangya Pundir

Web services: Andrew Cowley, Anna Foix, Joon Lee, Rodrigo Lopez, Silvano Squizzato

Special thanks must go to those who volunteered to present the webinars (in order of appearance):

Andrew Cowley

Scientific Training Officer (e-learning)

Andrew Cowley is currently working as a scientific training officer for e-learning in EMBL-EBI's Training team. Previously he was the Bioinformatics training & support project lead for EMBL-EBI's Web Production team which involved working on tools, training, and helping users with all kinds of questions via the EMBL-EBI help desk. He has particular expertise in sequence alignment tools and programmatic access to EMBL-EBI resources.

Andrew studied Biochemistry at Cambridge before moving to York University for post-graduate studies in Bioinformatics and then Structural Bioinformatics, in particular working on the identification of distinctive features in protein structure. He worked as a Bioinformatics specialist for BBSRC Bioscience IT Services from 2005 before starting at EMBL-EBI in 2010.

Maria Levchenko

Europe PMC Community Manager - McEntyre team: Literature services

Maria is the Community Manager for Europe PMC, a literature repository and partner in PubMed Central International. In her role Maria engages with all stakeholders of Europe PMC to communicate their feedback to the team of developers so that they can deliver the best tools for scholarly publishing and communication. She has a PhD in Biochemistry from the The University of Göttingen.


Matthew Laird

Ensembl Core Developer - Zerbino team: Genome Analysis



Klemens Pichler

Scientific Database Curator - Protein Function Content



David Armstrong

Scientific Database Curator - Kleywegt team: Protein Data Bank in Europe Scientific Database Curator - Velankar team: PDBe content and integration

Michal Nowotka

Technical Lead - Leach team: ChEMBL



Anna Foix

Software Engineer - Web production



Joon Lee

Full Stack Software Engineer - Web production



Gary Saunders

Genetic Variation Scientific Curator - Paschall team: Variation
Gary Saunders is an EBI curator of the European Variation Archive and related resources: the Database of Genomics Variants archive and the European Genome-phenome Archive. It is Gary's responsibility to manage the data within these resource(s) to ensure accuracy, clarity and discoverability. Previous to this position, Gary was a curator of the GENCODE project, which provides the gene set for the Ensembl genome browser.
Gary moved into curation following the completion of his PhD at the University of Glasgow, where he employed a variety of phylogenomic and bioinformatic methods to investigate drug resistance in nematode parasites of human and livestock importance. ORCID iD: 0000-0002-7468-0008

Pablo Arce Garcia

Software Developer - Keane team: EGA and Archive Infrastructure



Silvano Squizzato

Project Lead Software Engineer - Web production

Silvano Squizzato is responsible for developing and maintaining the EBI Search service (, which provides easy, uniform, fast access to the biological data resources hosted at EMBL-EBI. He is responsible for the day-to-day management of a small group of programmers and the interaction with a broad set of users, including data curators and Web services developers, and system administrators. He has also contributed to a log analysis reporting system at EMBL EBI based on Apache Hadoop and Pig. Before joining EMBL-EBI, he was a Java full-stack software engineer in the research and commercial sectors.

Denise Carvalho-Silva

Scientific Outreach Lead - Open Targets

Denise joined EMBL-EBI’s Open Targets team in June 2016, where she delivers workshops, provides user support and creates online training materials for the Open Targets projects. Denise holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and completed her postdoctoral training in Genetics at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia. Before coming to Open Targets, she worked in Ensembl at EMBL-EBI, at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as a Research Associate in Human Evolution, and as a Senior Computer Biologist in the HAVANA team on the GENCODE, EUCOMM and Pig genome projects.

Andrew Nightingale

Bioinformatician - Martin team: Protein Function development

Andrew has been a Bioinformatician with the Protein Function Development team at EMBL-EBI since 2012, and has a background in biochemistry and bioinformatics. Before joining EMBL-EBI, Andrew worked for a biotechnology company specialising in structure-based drug design by NMR. Andrew is responsible for enhancing the links between UniProt and the genomics and translational biology communities to provide clinical and/or translational context to UniProtKB.