Submitting data to the EGA


The EGA accepts a variety of genetic and phenotypic human data (see Figure 5).


Figure 5  The EGA provides a service for archiving, processing and disseminating all types of potentially identifiable genetic and phenotypic human data - on subjects who have consented for the data to be used in biomedical research, but not for unlimited public data release. Alternative data repositories that would allow public access to data are shown here.

You can also automate submissions by linking your local Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) into our submission interface. For further information, examples, and compatible data formats, see the EGA submission page or email the ega-helpdesk [at] (EGA helpdesk).

Each submission should include statements that verify:

  1. Submitted data to be consistent with the initial informed consent and with the applicable laws and regulations.
  2. Submitter must have authorisation on behalf of the organisation.
  3. A responsible individual or organisation must be identified for making data access decisions.