This course was put together using talks and exercises by:

  • Laura Clarke
  • John Collins
  • Matthias Haimel
  • Myrto Kostadima
  • Rasko Leinonen
  • Remco Loos
  • Arnaud Oisel
  • Rajesh Radhakrishnan
  • Marc Rossello
  • Aylwyn Scally
  • Steven Wilder
  • Simon White

We would like to thank the organisers of the March 2012 course for all their hard work, including Giulietta Spudich, Bronwen Aken, Alison Barker and Guy Cochrane.

We also wish to thank Doros Panayi for filming the lectures and Hugo Neves, from the EMBL Photolab, for the post-processing of the lectures.

The online course was compiled by Emily Pritchard, with input from Giulietta Spudich, Harold Swerdlow, Cath Brookshank, Mindi Sehra, Mark Adams and the speakers.