How to submit data in four separate steps


The previous section demonstrated how to submit your data in one go - a process that can take some time. However, Webin also allows you to submit your data in four separate (shorter) steps. These can be completed indivdually, meaning that you won't lose any data if you log out of Webin in between the steps.



1) Upload your sequencing data as indicated in Figure 4

2) Create a study (Figure 11, shown below). Click on 'Register study (project)' from the 'New Submission' tab of the Webin tool. Then follow the procedure described in Figures 5 and 6.

3) Enter your sample details and metadata as described in Figures 7 to 9. Start a Webin session and select 'Register samples' (Figure 11). Take note of the 'Unique Name Prefix' for each of your samples. It might be easier to use the 'Download template' button available on the 'Sample' page.

4) When you are ready to complete your submission, restart a Webin session and select 'Submit sequence reads and experiments' as indicated in Figure 3

  • You should now see the study which you created listed in the 'Study' section. Select it by clicking on the left-hand side check box then click 'Next'.
  • As you previously created your samples, click 'Skip' on the 'Sample' page. 
  • You will be redirected to the association page described in Figure 10. Select the format of your files. Then create the association by entering the 'Unique Name Prefix' (see step 3 above) in the 'Sample reference' text box.
  • Fill in the other information as described in Figure 10 and choose the corresponding file. We recommend that you use the downloadable spreadsheet when you have several samples to associate with sequencing data.

Once completed, click 'Submit' and confirm that you want to complete your submission.

Webin option to create a study or provide sample information only

Figure 11 Webin option to create a study or provide sample information only.