Considerations before submitting metagenomic data to ENA


Before submitting your metagenomic data to ENA, you should ensure that you have all the required information to fill out the relevant GSC MIxS checklist for your submission. 

All checklists require:

  • sampling date and location*;
  • sample nature;
  • the amount of material sampled;
  • investigation type.

(*: if you do not want to indicate the precise location for any reason, please indicate at least the country coordinates).

You must also ensure that data are compressed prior to submission. CRAM and gzip formats are accepted by ENA.

The submission process

ENA have developed an online tool, Webin, to help you submit your data. While efforts have been made to make the submission straightforward, it still requires time.

The step-by-step guide described in the next section will take you through the whole submission process (which takes approximately 1-2 hours depending on whether or not you have used Webin before). However, it is possible to split the submission into four separate steps that could be performed at different times, if more convenient. This method will be explained after the complete procedure.