Submitting data to EBI Metagenomics Portal


In order to submit data for archiving and analysis, you will need to register with EBI Metagenomics. If you wish to submit confidential pre-publication data you will need to provide your agreement that EBI Metagenomics portal can access your data for analysis. Your confidential data will only be accessible from the private, password-protected section of the EBI Metagenomics website and kept confidential until the provided public release date set by you during the submission process.

For the submission itself, you will be directed to the ENA Webin tool. A link to support material on the ENA website is provided. This material is also accessible without a login. (See Figure 5). In order to gather vital contextual data that accurately describe the samples and the experiments performed, study-type-specific checklists that comply with Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) guidelines are implemented within the Webin submission tool. You can contact the dedicated helpdesk via a link provided in the tool.

Ready to submit your data?

Our EBI Metagenomics submission course will take you through how to submit your metagenomics data step by step.

In addition, ENA provides guidelines on metagenomics data submission.


Figure 5  View of the ENA’s Webin submission pages.