What is the diXa data warehouse?


The diXa Project

The Data Infrastructure for Chemical Safety (diXa) project is an EU FP7 funded initiative to develop a single resource to capture data produced by toxicogenomics studies, and to ensure sustainability of this resource for use by the wider research community.

What is the diXa data warehouse?

The diXa data warehouse is a curated collection of toxicogenomic experiments with cross-links to external resources including chemical/toxicological and human disease databases (3).

The aim of the warehouse is to provide:

  • Accurate representation of chemical compounds;
  • Easy discovery of studies of interest;
  • Facilitation of data analysis.

The warehouse will store (or link to) the raw and processed data, and to their corresponding metadata (e.g. sample characteristics, technologies used, type of measurements, etc).

Why do we need the diXa warehouse?

The diXa warehouse is important because it will:

  • Provide a central repository for toxicogenomics data;
  • Provide large and well curated experimental datasets for scientists to build computational models;
  • Safeguard the data produced by EU toxicogenomics projects for future use.