To ensure that the information contained in the diXa warehouse is compatible, complete and accurate, robust quality control (QC) and validation steps are carried out on the data and metadata. The results of QC data are available through the analysis section of the diXa warehouse.

Depending on the project, the analysis can cover one or multiple studies. The studies covered in the analysis are listed at the bottom of the analysis details page (Figure 8).

The analysis details page

Figure 8 The analysis details page.

QC files

All the QC files for a given dataset are available on the analysis details page (Figure 8). However, you can get a quick overview of the dataset by looking at the summary, which describes the assay, the quality assessment, and the observed effects of batches, donors, time, and concentration.

The data overview (PDF file) provides you with additional information and figures for the distributions of the gene expression intensities, box plots, and the performed principle component analysis (PCA).