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Links to external databases

The diXa warehouse search provides links to external chemical- and human-disease databases. These include:

  • ChemAgora - a chemical database portal (see the ChemAgora section of this course);
  • ChEMBL - a database of bioactive, drug-like small molecules (see the ChEMBL section of this course);
  • ToxDb - a toxicogenomics database that infers network effects of clinical toxins and drugs;
  • Experimental Factor Ontology (EFO) - provides a systematic description of many experimental variables available in EMBL-EBI datatases and for external projects.
  • ArrayExpress - a database of functional genomics data;
  • Gene Expression Atlas - a database of gene expression data from ArrayExpress;
  • ISA-Tools - a suite of metadata tracking tools.
  • Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) - a research tool which holds curated scientific data describing different relationships between e.g. chemical/drugs, genes/proteins, disease, etc.