The ChemAgora portal


The ChemAgora portal is a chemicals database portal developed by the diXa project, which allow you to investigate chemical compounds (Figure 13). The portal holds heterogeneous data from selected third party systems and makes them available through a homogenous interface. You can access the ChemAgora portal through the diXa warehouse or directly through their website. The connection from the diXa warehouse to the portal is through the use of the standard InChI key identifiers which allows unequivocal identification of a chemical substance.

ChemAgora portal

Figure 13 ChemAgora portal.

You can perform the following types of searches in ChemAgora:

  • Identifier based search (e.g. InChI key, CAS Register Number);
  • Structure search: the portal carries out a search using a structure that you have drawn;
  • Similarity search: the portal performs a search for compounds similar to a compound that you have identified through an identifier or a structure.