diXa data warehouse: Exploring data from toxicogenomics studies


The diXa data warehouse was a curated collection of toxicogenomics experiments. This course will show you how to use the diXa warehouse and what data is available.

***Please note that the diXa project is no longer active and the website is not being updated. A cached version of the diXa data warehouse is available here. You can access all of the datasets associated with the diXa project through BioStudies.***

A general scientific background is required. Some bioinformatics and toxicology knowledge would be useful but is not essential.

About this course

Vera Matser
Learning objectives: 
  • Learn what the diXa data warehouse is and where the data comes from
  • Be able to access and navigate the diXa data warehouse
  • Search the diXa data warehouse for a chemical compound or a study