ChEMBL data


What data does ChEMBL contain?

The ChEMBL data is a combination of extracted data from literature and donated data sets from companies such as GSK and PubChem. The curated data is made up of targets, organisms, compounds and their associated bioactivities (Figure 3).

Figure 3 ChEMBL resources.


Figure 2 Different ways to search the data in ChEMBLdb:

[A]  Browse target views

[B]  Target search using protein sequence

[C]  Search results; displays bioactivities, chemistry-related information, etc.

[D]  Compound search view.

Neglected Tropical Disease archive

Figure 3 Searching for compound activity in the Neglected Tropical Disease archive

Kinase SARfari

Figure 4 Resource for searching and analysing protein kinase structure-activity data


Figure 5 Resource for searching and analysing G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) data.