Downloading data


Displaying bioactivities

You can download bioactivities from the interface after running your search. This option can be accessed once you have chosen to 'Display Bioactivities' from the drop-down box in your results window (Figure 17).

Figure 17 Displaying bioactivities.

Downloading a spreadsheet of bioactivity data

Once you have displayed all of the bioactivities, you can then download them all as an XLS file, which can be opened in programs such as Microsoft Excel. This option can be found in the drop down-box in the top right-hand corner. (Figure 18)

Figure 18 Downloading as an XLS file.

Data spreadsheet

Once the downloaded data has been opened in a Microsoft Excel file, it can be filtered and mined (Figure 19).

Figure 19 Spreadsheet of data.

Downloading from the FTP site

Everything in ChEMBL is freely accessible and can be downloaded to your own machine. You can access all the files from our FTP site (Figure 20).

Figure 20 The ChEMBL FTP site.