Programmatic access of ChEMBL - Web services


Web services

Web services are a way to extract data from ChEMBL in a programmatic way. There are two different types of web services (Figure 21):

Figure 21 Web services available on ChEMBL.

Data web services

ChEMBL data web services allow you to use URLs to call back specific ChEMBL data. See these lists of examples (Figure 22).

Figure 22 Calling a compound image.

Searching via GET

As well as using URLs in the ChEMBL data web services, you can also access the documentation pages, where you can run searches, such as an assay search, using GET (Figure 23).

Figure 23 Assay search via GET.

Cheminformatic Utils web services

ChEMBL also has web services which are focused on the cheminformatics of ChEMBL (aka ChEMBL Beaker), which allows you to investigate, curate and manipulate the format of compounds (Figure 24).

All the features can be accessed from the ChEMBL Utils page.

Figure 24 Cheminformatic Utils.